Meeting on 6/7/12

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Meeting on 6/7/12 Empty Meeting on 6/7/12

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 08, 2012 3:35 am

These notes are for those who may have missed the meeting this thursday.

The meeting was opened by a prayer given by the Acoloyte Benedictinos.

The first thing we spoke of was the health and status of our dear Lady Marshal and Praetorian Bloodiron. It was stated and confirmed that both were healing rather well and shall be up and about in no time flat.

Awards and thanks were given to those who fought that night. Praetorian Cutter Spaulding, Praetorian Bram Bloodiron, Vicar Tayaere, Disciple Amboro, all received the medal 'Gleaming Protector' for their willingness to step in front of the line of danger to aide in protecting others.

The medal 'Hands of Grace' were given to Acoloyte Benedintinos and Vicar Tayaere for their efforts and works in healing the wounded during this time and many others.

Marshal Steward Bayhas spoke of a new Vow that will be taken by any of the rank above Acoloyte. One vow of Chastity for those who wish to remain of rank or gain further standing within the Order. Those who have a family or are already in a relationship known and blessed by the Chancellery will not need to take the vow.

In two days people of the Order will be handed a scroll and given the option of taking the vow or not.

The Steward asked the Order if any had news or words to the Order none of importance were given at this time.

The meeting was closed with a blessing from the Acoloyte Benedictinos.


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