Meeting on 6/21/12

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Meeting on 6/21/12 Empty Meeting on 6/21/12

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Minutes were started with the opening of a prayer by brother Benedictinos. A blessing was asked to aid in the safe keeping of our lost sister Vanoressa and the Archon Elsiere who was in labor during the meeting.

Lady Marshal informed the Order of weekly mass that will be hosted by said brother within the King's City an the Cathedral.

First topic of discussion was to be on the Traditions of the Order. Books on our Teachings, codes of conduct and dress where mentioned and handed out. The first book was to be the Book of the Order, this book explains the purpose,ranking system, vows and beliefs. The second book is the Book of Three Virtues and such book gives definition on the Virtues and each following tenants. The third book as the Codes of Dress, explaining the uniform for each rank and when it should be worn. Lastly was the Tome of History, written by the Marshals and scribes about the Sepulchre Knights.

It was stated that ONLY those within the Order are to read these tomes.

Captain Bayhas took the stand. He spoke on about another book for the Order, this one written by Prelate Augustus Rinley the Third that had passed on into the Light, that was to be passed out as soon as copies were made. The book was the Eight Manuscripts on Basic Ways of Life.

The meeting was closed with a prayer once more from brother Benedictinos.


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