Meeting on 6/28/12

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Meeting on 6/28/12 Empty Meeting on 6/28/12

Post  Guest on Fri Jun 29, 2012 2:04 am

The meeting was opened by Archon Elsiere Lighthammer.

Thanks were given to Disciple Amboro for his work on insuring the Order's health with the first of now monthly check-ups.

The mention of a monthly Vigil at the Lightbringer's Tomb was brought up. While not mandatory it would be appreciated that those of the Oder attend.

The books from the previous meeting were given out to those who do not have them.

The floor was opened to Vicar Tayaere. She spoke on hosting a 'cleansing' of heart and soul next week. Anything spoken of and made known to her will be kept in confidence.

The floor was given over to Vicar Emmery. She spoke of hosting a feast dedicated to unity of the brothers and sisters of the Order. A time to encourage all to speak and earn of each other's lives.

Reminders were given to acolytes to make sure they take their rank rests.

The meeting was dismissed by Archon Elsiere Lightmahher.


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