Meeting 8/9/12

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Meeting 8/9/12 Empty Meeting 8/9/12

Post  Guest on Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:14 am

The meeting opened by Disciple Atasi with a prayer and all kneeled. A lovely prayer mentioning both the Naaru and the Light.

Lady Marshal openly welcomed two new members Disciple Atasi and Acolyte Seyrune.

Seyrun introduced herself as one of the Aldor here to serve and perhaps find a proper path to hear the Light's song once more.

Atasi introduced herself as looking for a new path with the Order.

Lord Marshal updated the Order of Knight Vanoressa's condition. It was explained that information was gained from Warlord Vraagul of the Horde. A group was put rogether, many Acolytes who had no prior knowing of the huntress. She was successfully retrieved from the Forsaken's hands. The Knight is nearly fully recovered.

It was told that the Virtue of Compassion was shown to the orc who had taken the Knight captive. Mercy granted and he was allowed to go back to his people.

The meeting was dismissed by Lady Archon Lighthammer.

Closing prayer given by Praetorian Kimbellia.


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