Meeting 8/23/12

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Meeting 8/23/12 Empty Meeting 8/23/12

Post  Guest on Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:31 am

The meeting was opened tonight by the Squire Floyd in prayer.

Archon Demalain took the floor to speak. He spoke on how he are family while within this Order, and to think of each other as brother and sister.

Vicar Tayaere took the floor to had out medals. Squire Inghart Stonegrip was presented the Insignia of Charity for his work and showings of such actions. Squire Floyd was presented with the Insignia of Mercy for her act of bringing to end the life of one who was corrupted and suffering yet unable to stop it themselves. Archon Adam was awarded the Radiant Heart for his unwavering understanding and practice of Compassion and all it stands for.

Amboro took the floor to make a few announcements. On the coming Tuesday and Wednesday Amboro will be having the monthly Check-ups. It is mandatory for those who wish to continue in field work. The second announcement is that he will be giving Jed'hin lessons to all who wish to learn on the fifth of next month.

The meeting was closed and ended by a prayer from Archon Demalain.


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