Meeting 9/20/12

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Meeting 9/20/12 Empty Meeting 9/20/12

Post  Guest on Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:58 am

The meeting was opened with a prayer from Disciple Bherithor Holyfire.

Prelate Tayaere took the floor moving to speak on the change in leadership and chancellery within the Order. Making note of the new Marshal Steward Emmery Lucavi, Praetorian Guard Captain Berodin Silvamar, Archon Amboro, Archon Kimbellia, and Prelate/Archon Tayaere.

She also spoke on the death of Late Lord Marshal Martigan Lighthammer.

Acknowledgement was given to the new Acolytes Ellisan, Provintus, and Artigen.

Praetorian Captain Berodin took the floor speaking on the ranks and possible recruiting of new members as those within the Order advance in rank. Berodin prompted the new members to tell us all a bit about themselves so that the order has an idea on who they are.

The meeting was closed in prayer by Marshal Steward Emmery Lucavi.


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