Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

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Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Cyrell on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:55 am

Hello my darlings! First and foremost, you are all fail for not making it to the guild meeting on Sunday the 30th at 6pm. The only individuals who showed up were Myself, Jorlund, and Khorey who will each be receiving golden stars, while all the rest of you will receive a sock with a turd inside.

Since we were not able to gather together to talk about a few things, I thought it prudent to bring these items up for vote. I will leave this vote open until the 6th, after which time the motions will pass of fail.

1) Order of the Sepulchre will allow other races and classes based on a Case by Case basis - characters will be brought before the IC council and tested, interrogated, and deemed worthy or unworthy.

2) The creation of additional ceremonies, and newly formed traditions to enrich rp. IF the motion passes, guild members will be required to learn of these new ceremonies and traditions and put them into practice.

3) The motion to sustain Jorlund as a member of the Chancellery - the Seat of Archons.

4) The motion to sustain Martigan as Praetorian Captain.

5) The motion to make a formal alliance with Clergy of the Light and the Delahan Division (Gave Delahan is a personal friend of mine, and we have some fun ideas for rp).

To cast your vote, please reply by numbering your responses.

Thank you, I look forward to receiving your feedback.
- Cyrell

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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Daenal A'dius Serris on Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:16 am

1) I am for the integration of other classes but not new race. Perhaps a separate sect to be build as Inquisitors, and Interrogators that falls under the command of the Lady Marshal and the Archons only. And perhaps this group can be used as a preliminary for the ascendance to the Praetorian Guard.

2)I am always for new ceremonies and will even help in the creation of such. I would find it easier to organize such things better over Ventrilo or Perhaps even Skype if we can arrange something.



5) I am for the alliance with the Clergy but not with the Delahan Division until they can bring something worthy to the table (Daenal's opinion ICly) But I am for this greatly!

Daenal A'dius Serris

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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 12:35 am

My apologies for not making the meeting, Saturday night a terrible October winter storm knocked out power for most of Saturday, and all of Sunday. The entire Northeast was effected. As far as the votes....

1. Aye, agree.
2. Ceremonies are fun. Aye.
3. The what? Abstain.
4. Who? Abstain.
5. I'll take Cyrell's word for it. Aye.


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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:28 pm

1. Yes. However the rules for allowance must be very stringent and firmly established beforehand, so we don't wind up with derp drama RP and 'dark' insurgents which will have to be kicked later on. Even if it's for IC purposes, that still creates OOC stress.

2. Yes, of course.

3. Yes. He's shown a lot personal dedication to the roll and the Order needs dedicated ppl in officer positions right now.

4. Yes. Marti seems like a stand-up guy who's trying to do right by his rank. (Once again, the Araheis issue, 100% not his fault. He was duped without being privy to the inside info and he did ask Ara to leave that night before Khorey had to force the issue later on).

5. Undecided. Don't know the guild or Delahan. However alliances are always good for a trial.


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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:47 pm

1) Absolutely no death knights or warlocks.

2)Im all for additional ceremonies and events, and am willing to lead some if need be.


4) Further discussion required imo.

5)Clergy is fine, but Delahan? Why would we have anything to do with them? I've never talked to a single one of them. Im not completely against the idea, it just seems foreign.


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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:36 am

1) As long as they are properly interviewed and accepted based on their match to the guild, not just invited so we can have members.

2) Definately, I would love to host events, but I doubt I can with the rank I have, we should have more events to get this guild more active.

3) I am going to decline the rank anyway, I only suggested it out of disapointment, and wouldn't want special treatment because im making machinima's. Would kind've ruin the point of having ranks if I just jumped to Archon wouldnt it? I can understand going up the ranks quickly, based on activity and dedication but not just jump a rank because I am cool like that.

4) No, but that is an IC responce, I dont know Martigun hardly at all, so to have him a praetorian so soon would shock me. But ooc I think hes a cool guy, and deserves a higher rank, because like him, we are both very active.

5) Yes to the clergy, though I dont know anything about Delahan devision so the 2nd part is undecided for me.

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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Martigan on Thu Nov 03, 2011 4:49 am

1) Yes, but no Warlocks. DK's.... thats a maybe... a BIG maybe. Oh, and no Shadow Priests.

2) Yes

3) No, only because he hasn't even been made a Disciple yet, has he? I DO vote for him to move to the next rank. He has proven himself to be a valuable member.

4) I will not vote for myself. And Elle... you don't know who my toon is? o_0

5) Uh, sure, but I'm not sure about the Delahan Division, since I know nothing about them.

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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

Post  Emmery on Wed Nov 09, 2011 4:22 am

I'd like to start by apologizing for my long absence. My time in Nashville was more than I expected and when I got home, my entire family was promptly ill with flu, leave me as the soul caretaker of the home. So, catching up, here are my votes and feedback. Cheers.

1) This seems to be addressed and works for the most part. Calleb is a great example, but I'm not cool with mages or DKs. The Silverhand thought mages went to hell and DKs are creatures spawned from the man who betrayed the lightbringer... not the ideal folks to guard his tomb.

2) I'm still working on that.. sorry about the wait Cy. :C

3) nope. although I respect the skill level of his writing and rp, i'm not sure if i'm ready for him to be an officer. when he earns it, i'm sure it will be through achievements such as that.

4) that guy has moxy. i like moxy.

5) i'm up for all alliances.

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Re: Guild Motions up for Vote - Closes 10/6/11

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