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The Order of the Sepulchre - Who We Are Empty The Order of the Sepulchre - Who We Are

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The Order of the Sepulchre

Who we are:
The Order exists to preserve and uphold the Three Virtues of the Holy Light, as learned and scribed by Edward the Odd (or Edward the Empowered) during his time serving with Uther Lightbringer. We also protect the safety and sanctity of our revered Uther Lightbringer's tomb.

What can you expect IC:
Heavy RP. The Order of the Sepulchre is a military style guild, so we have a rank-and-file system. New recruits will start out as Acolytes and work their way up through the ranks by proving themselves to their superior officers. How would you accomplish this? Respectful attitude, show that you can adhere to orders. Knowledge of the Virtues, study the tomes of the Sepulchre and Edward the Odd. Characters who have personality types that cause trouble with authority, or an 'I know better than you' attitude, would have trouble fitting in and great difficulty moving up the ranks. Promotions involve taking trials and tests related to the Virtues.

What we expect IC:
Adherence to the rules and regulations of the Sepulchre, such as, wearing your assigned uniform. We know, OOC, that this can be tricky for those who already have a favorite RP outfit. However we really like to maintain a consistent, recognizable look, so we do insist on it for all IC interactions. Vicar set (cloth) and the Knight set (plate)
If the links don't work, cut and paste:
Your toon must learn the Three Virtues and the ways of the Sepulchre, which requires reading the provided tomes. These are available on the Sepulchre guildsite: If you use the Grypnheart Items addon, these tomes can be given to you in game. (Just ask me, Aadam).

What to expect OOC:
We're an easy going bunch, and we really like to make sure that IC stuff never crosses over the OOC boundary. It's good to remember that we're all together because we enjoy RPing, and of course, because we have toons that flourish in the Sepulchre environment.

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